Ceramic Coating

Serving Naples and surrounding communities

Where protection meets perfection

Your car’s paint deserves the best, especially in the brutal Florida sun. That’s where our ceramic coatings come in.

Using the latest in nano-technology, our coatings create an invisible barrier that shields your paint from UV rays, dirt, and environmental contaminants, keeping it looking showroom fresh for years to come.

But it’s not just about protection

It’s also about that head-turning shine. Our ceramic coatings provide a glossy, hydrophobic finish that repels water and enhances the depth and clarity of your paint, giving your car that coveted “just detailed” look every day, day after day.

Don’t let your car fall victim to the elements. Invest in ceramic coating from Car Therapy and keep your paint looking pristine, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.


Starting at $799

Silver Ceramic Coating

(Suggested on leases and new vehicles)

Your vehicle will be protected and maintain its showroom finish after harsh Florida elements and UV rays which deteriorate your vehicle’s finish! Vehicle will be polished to remove water marks, blemishes and minor swirls. Suggested for new vehicles or leased vehicles as the Ceramic Coating will last roughly 36 months.


Starting at $1499

Gold Ceramic Coating Package

To obtain 95-98% swirl removal we will complete a 2 Step paint correction and finish the vehicle with two layers of ceramic to ensure total coverage and a flawless finish! Your vehicle will look amazing inside and out from head to toe.

Best choice


Starting at $1999

Platinum Ceramic Coating Package

(For the enthusiast)

For a mirror finish, we will wet sand the vehicle’s paint to level the paint, removing orange peel and deep defects. We then use a cutting compound, polish and lastly super fine polish to give your vehicle the best possible finish. After this extensive work has been completed we lock in the finish with two layers of a 10H Ceramic Coating.

All prices subject to change based on vehicle